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The Reedy High School Sapphire Booster Club’s role is to provide finances and support to the Sapphire Dance Drill Team and our director through fundraising.  Our Friends & Family Sponsorship will help enable the booster club to provide costumes, props for Spring Show, End of Year Banquet, team meals as needed for Spring Show and competition season and senior scholarships.  All proceeds from sponsorship are tax deductible and will go directly to support the Sapphire Dance Drill Team.

Sponsorship marketing opportunities may include ads in Sapphires Spring Show program, listings on Sapphires Glow Fun Run website / on-line auction options / t-shirt.

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Offline Sponsorship Donations

If offline payment is preferred, please mail checks directly to the Sapphire Booster Club. Click here to fill in and attach this form to you check.

9878 Deerfield Drive
Frisco, Texas
USA   75033-8350

Online Sponsorship Donations